End of the Year Party: Event Recap

Everyone would agree that the year 2020 was unlike anything we expected. However, nothing should stop us from celebrating our wins, friends, the knowledge gained, and ourselves. We decided to let our hair down and host an end-of-the-year party on the 28th of December 2020 to celebrate and mark our sixth monthiversary of the Chapter’s inception.


The event began at noon with music by the DJ and co-host — Sodiq Akinjobi. We welcomed all the present attendees and asked about four randomly-chosen people to share their 2020 experience. Attendees then described their year in one word using the Slido Word Cloud. Sodiq Akinjobi gave a word of encouragement and support to everyone, directed particularly to those whose responses implied that it was a not-so-good year. He implored everyone to count their blessings, be grateful for life, and try again next year.

pasted image 0.png

The next on the agenda was “Quiz One”. The quiz consisted of questions related to many things except tech —food, animal, space, Nigerian music, etc. We learned new things and laughed while at it. We then allowed people to turn on their video and dance for about five (5) minutes.

Olamide Makinde —the co-host— announced the next activity, which was “Quiz Two - How well do you know SCA, UNILAG Chapter?” Questions on past events, core-team members and their roles, and the Chapter’s history. The activity aimed to introduce everyone on the team to the community properly and create a rapport. It was facilitated by Sodiq who ensured to provide correct answers to every question at the end and give a short explanation.


We then moved on to the last and arguably most interactive and interesting part of the event — you say you sabi grammar, abi? In this section, an attendee would indicate their interest to participate and choose a number if selected. Olamide would then read out the task —spell a word or unscramble— which the person would perform in a maximum thirty (30) seconds. There were a lot of tongue-twisting moments and eruption of laughter at different times. We learned new words, the correct spelling of some English words, and smart ways to unscramble. We then spent more time dancing and ended the event at 2 pm.

All quizzes had prizes attached and were sent to the winners after the event. It was a fun-filled, interesting, and enlightening event, and we bonded as a family. We can confidently say that we achieved our aim with the event, thanks to the team members (planners), hosts, and attendees. We anticipate and will plan more of such activities.